Today The Hindu Highlights 11 April 2022

Today The Hindu Highlights 11 April 2022


Grant joint gold medal to two top students: HC

Court struck down DU’s circular that barred re­evaluated marks for gold medals

The gold medal award for the topper of B.A. (Hons.) (Economics) for the academ­ ic session 2017­2020 will be shared between two stu­ dents — one who was already declared topper by Delhi Un­ iversity and another who got the highest marks after the re­evaluation process.
The development came after the Delhi High Court last week struck down a 2014 circular issued by Delhi Un­ iversity, which barred re­ evaluated marks from con­ sideration for award of gold medals.
‘Highly unfair’
Justice Rekha Palli said if a student’s mark increased af­ ter re­evaluation, it showed that there was an error of judgment on the part of the
previous examiners.
The High Court’s order
came on a petition by Annie Gurmeher Kaur, who se­ cured the highest marks in B.A. Hons. (Economics) in the university after re­eval­ uation. However, the univer­ sity, relying upon its 2014 cir­ cular, declined to consider her candidature for the me­ dals and prizes.
Ms. Kaur completed the course in 2020. When the re­ sult of the sixth semester ex­ ams were declared on No­
vember 2, 2020, being dissatisfied with the marks obtained by her in the ‘In­ dian Economy 2’ paper, she opted to apply for re­ evalua­ tion.
Upon re­valuation, the re­ sult was declared on Febru­ ary 11, 2021, and her marks increased from 52 to 58 and consequently, her aggregate CGPA also increased from 9.595 to 9.635. However, be­ fore the result of the re­val­ uation was declared, the un­ iversity on February 5, 2021, released a tentative list of candidates who were to be awarded medals and prizes during its 97th annual con­ vocation to be held on Fe­ bruary 27, 2021.
Cites circular
Ms. Kaur then approached the Dean of Examination with a request that she be al­
so considered for grant of medal to be awarded to the highest scorer in B.A. (Hons) (Economics). The university, however, rejected her re­ quest saying that the medals could only be awarded on the basis of the original marks secured by the candi­ date as per the 2014 circular.
The High Court, while quashing the 2014 circular, remarked that the universi­ ty’s decision to not consider Ms. Kaur eligible for the award of medal as the high­ est scorer was “clearly un­ sustainable and arbitrary”.
The judge directed the un­ iversity to issue the award for the highest scorer in B.A. (Hons.) (Economics) for the academic session 2017­2020, jointly to Ms. Kaur and Yash­ wani Shekhawat, who was declared as the topper, as per DU’s tentative list.


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